Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Long Years - Oxford: Compared



Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University
Where we stay for 4 months in countryside, it's a lovely campus, except, it's too far away from the city center, and the campus we attend lesson.

Photo from 2001 provided by greenflag

River Isis or Thames near Botley Road
A place I need to pass thru every day when I stay at Harcourt Hill

Oxford Railway Station
Gateway of fun

Carfax Tower
Landmark of Oxford (video)

Covered Market
A market I never try to shopping 

Queen Street
Where I catch the bus to campus or Paul Kent Hall, or get off from the bus from Harcourt Hill

University of Oxford
Not the place I study... but it's far more beautiful than my campus

* In 2001, Said Business School is still under construction

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